Benefits of Airlaid

Benefits of using Napking Airlaid Napkins

  • Napking Airlaid Napkins provide efficiency, cost savings and convenience while providing a hygienic, high quality innovative napkin.
  • Napking Airlaid Napkins enhance any dining or eating experience.
  • Napking Airlaid Napkins are a great option for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, banquets, events, buffets and room service.
  • Save Money!

  1. Airlaid napkins have the same look and feel as linen napkins.
  2. Airlaid napkins are 100% disposable.
  3. Airlaid napkins eliminate the cost, time and inconvenience of dry cleaning. On average restaurants and hotels spend between R1.20 and R1.80 per linen napkin to be dry cleaned.
  4. Airlaid napkins eliminate the cost of replacement linen which become faded, stained or lost.
  5. Airlaid napkins will always have the same colour shade. Once linen has been dry cleaned a few times, it starts to fade and changes colour. Linen napkins are often a different shade of white, which looks poor.
  6. The added hygiene benefits of always using a brand new, clean napkin every time.

Airlaid napkins vs paper serviettes

When comparing paper serviettes to Airlaid Napkins, people on average will use 3 standard paper serviettes to every one Airlaid napkin. Often people take handfuls of paper serviettes and cost escalate quickly. Save money and switch to the NapkinG Airlaid range.

Airlaid napkins are a big step up from paper serviettes so clients who use paper serviettes can add huge value to their customers’ experience without spending more money.